Our Park Ratings

Our Park Ratings

As an analyst for over 40 years, you might suspect that our rating system would be quite complex. On the contrary, it is very much a subjective rating. We each choose a rating between 1 and 5 and our rating is the average. We almost always agree yielding a rating such as 3 or 4. When a park is rated with a x.5, it means that one of us rated it one point higher. We have never been two points apart.

Generally the rating means:

1=Would stay again, but would rather not. This could be for a number of reasons.

2=Park is okay, but lacks typical facilities, e.g. sewer.

3=Typical park in quality and value. Has gravel pads, electric, water, sewer, maybe cable, wireless internet or a spa.

We really like and prefer it. Everything looks new or well maintained. All facilities are working.

We would like to live there. Great pads, large sites, plush landscaping, all the facilities and stores within easy access.

First, let us review the typical park, a type 3. You saw it on the web and it looked good in the pictures. But when you get there, you are wondering when the pictures were taken! It's clean but it could probably use a little more maintenance. The people are nice so you stay and have a good time. But you leave thinking, "I wonder if the park across town would have been better".

From a 3 we go up or down. We descend to a 2 if the sites are too narrow or have water puddles or are weedy, it has no spa and no cable or has very limited channels. And a 1 is even worse: maybe some of the facilities are not working and other disappointments.

To advance from a 3 to a 4, the park will have to have clean, level and very manicured sites. Most likely this means concrete or asphalt pads, but we have been to a few 4 parks with really nice gravel pads. You must have cable, and a working spa. Overall, it just needs to make you happy to be there.

To reach the pinnacle of 5 the park has to be nice enough that you would want to live there. The only parks that have received a 5 from us are ownership parks. These are parks where people have purchased a lot and you rent your space from the resort or an owner.